Mike Wolf


29 x 29 cm




31 illustrations


Hard cover





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Zwischen Alltag und Zeitlosigkeit

The Kosovo/Albanian-born Dalip Kryeziu occupies himself with both painting and sculpture. The central theme of his art is always man. On the one hand, it is the transformation of the human head from the figurative readable face to the almost complete dissolution into the abstract on a canvas, paper or in the plastic, on the other hand, are the daily drawings on the canvas, filled with abstracted heads and figures as well as buildings and forms, the cryptic narrative of his being.
Dalip’s works bear a very distinct artistic handwriting that grant him a high degree of recognition. But his iconic “heads”, along with as his daily drawings, are absolutely individual and independent in their expression. His œuvre is characterized by his childhood in rural Kosovo and by the effects of the Kosovo war.
However, Dalip is also heavily influenced by his travels through European metropolises and, ultimately, by his departure from his home country. These are the cultural differences that are reflected in his art and which make up in large part of Dalipʼs uniqueness.

1964 – born as Dalip Kryeziu in Bubavec, Kosovo.
1986 – Education attained at the Educational Academy in Gjakove, Kosovo.
1988 – studied at the English University in Prishtina. Traveled to Paris, Barcelona, London and other European cities, where he earns his living by creating portraits.
1989 – resides in Austria; admitted into the Austrian Association of Fine Artists by the Viennese Commission.
1991 – final reallocation to Austria; admission of Austrian citizenship; first exhibitions in Austria.
2006 – moved to Germany.