Fiona Joan Beenker and Heinz Wurzel


23,5 x 32,5 cm


About 800 colour illustrations


Hard cover


German: 978-3-942924-23-8 / English: 978-3-942924-24-5

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Motor für Wandel & Digitalisierung

The driving force behind change and digitization are the companies, research and educational institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, associations and organizations in the metropolitan region of Stuttgart and in the whole state of Baden-Württemberg, where, every year, so many patents are registered in a rate far greater than anywhere else. Alone in the Stuttgart region, with its five counties and nearly 2.9 million inhabitants, 160.000 companies have settled, which is more than 30 percent of all companies in the Baden-Württemberg Region. Especially for such a prosperous metropolitan area, it is crucial to drive innovations and to take people with them in order to retain the top position as a leading high-tech region in Europe and to secure the future of the site.

This publication has been constantly evolving since its first edition in 1999. In the age of digital change, the new 2017 publication is supplemented by an augmented reality app that offers the reader a special digital added value. The technology makes it possible to add visual additional information such as pictures, videos, voice clips, or 3-D objects. You may be curious about the new dimension of communication!